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Richard Greathead

Business in the UK

About Richard Greathead

Richard Greathead is a successful businessman and entrepreneur working in the health food industry. Growing up, Richard was a part of his family’s business since he was a young child. He learned while being schooled by his father, Peter Greathead, who is a successful North West businessman.

Richard has been working in the family business since he was 14 years old, learning all about the health food industry in tandem with his studies at Kirkham Grammar School and later high school. He took over as the director of business for Nutrition Group PLC at the age of 25 and has now been involved in the family business for 20 years.

Richard currently lives in Lancashire and operates Nutrition Group PLC as its CEO in Blackpool, North West England, and Jersey in the United Kingdom. Nutrition Group is an independently owned, family-run business manufacturing health food supplements — including tablets, capsules, and liquid products —for some of the leading brands in the world. They’re also currently installing a protein bar line that will be ready in Q1 of 2019, not only marking a major investment for the company but also bringing innovation to the industry as one of the only manufacturers doing so. Nutrition Group, PLC is routinely named on the Hot 100 list of Lancashire’s most profitable Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

In April of 2019, Richard Greathead and the Nutrition Group announced an exciting development: a multi-million pound expansion plan. The expansion, which includes a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Blackpool, Lancashire, is set to create a slew of new jobs, ranging from technical, management, production, and warehousing. The manufacturer has developed an impressive number of contacts ensuring that the new products will be featured in high street retailers and leading global brands to produce a range of innovative protein-based bars and snacks. 

Richard Greathead could not be more excited about the growth of the Nutrition Group, which later this year will celebrate its 25th anniversary. In the company’s press release, Richard remarked, “The market has seen an explosion in nutrition bars and snacks across the wellness and sports nutrition sectors. On-the-go snacking is a growing phenomenon, as consumers seek out convenient product formats to satisfy their health demands.” Market trends show that consumers want higher quality products and innovative ideas, and Richard Greathead and the Nutrition Group are here to deliver. 

Alongside Nutrition Group PLC, Richard Greathead is also the CEO of Healthspark Ltd., an organization created by passionate nutrition industry leaders bringing together their experience in sourcing, design, supply chain, manufacturing, and regulation to offer consumers the highest-quality product for a superb price. As CEO, Richard Greathead oversees a team of 110 employees across Nutrition Group and ten employees in Healthspark.

When it comes to the various aspects of running a business, Richard gets the greatest enjoyment from working directly with customers to create innovative and successful new products. He loves working in an industry and through a business where he can be a part of manufacturing nutritional products that can positively impact the general wellbeing and health of customers. He also enjoys the excitement that accompanies winning new business and getting to see his projects come to fruition and become successful. He often gets to travel as part of his work, and he always enjoys the chance to meet new people.

Throughout his career, Richard has worked across most areas of the business. He’s worked in quality control, purchasing and logistics, and sales and business development before assuming his current role as CEO.