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Diversity and inclusiveness can prove to be significantly positive attributes that helps build a business’s reputation, employee satisfaction and productivity levels. This short piece will highlight several ways in which companies can promote these key characteristics.

Communication And Debate

Many organizations are comprised of different personalities hailing from varying educational and professional backgrounds. Such individuals often bring various opinions and perspectives to their work. Successful businesses will encourage effective communication and debate. Open communications enable ideas to flow more freely and healthy debate often causes people to view all opinions and reach consensus.


Listening can be just as, if not more effective as voicing an opinion when attempting to brainstorm or resolve problems. When employees know their superiors are willing to listen, said workers will be more inclined to share their feelings and thoughts.

Hire Employees With Differing Backgrounds

Many successful companies employ individuals with diverse educational and personal backgrounds. Diversity does not specifically refer to an individual’s ethnic background. The term can also correlate to someone’s education, professional experiences and interests. Constructing a professional team comprising people who possess such different backgrounds can prove beneficial over the long haul.

Encourage Diversity Outside The Workplace

One way to promote the importance of diversity is to encourage workers to diversify life experiences. Sponsor events that promote different cultures and encourage employees to broaden their horizons by engaging in new experiences (attempting different hobbies, trying different foods, visiting places they have never been before).

Celebrate Differences

An organization that accepts and promotes diversity will often celebrate differences. Said task can be accomplished by acknowledging all religious holidays and designating specific days to recognize specific ethnic groups.

Stress Education

In many instances, ignorance of various cultures is not deliberate. With education about other races, religions and ethnicities, an understanding and acceptance of diversified backgrounds can be formed.

Respect Everyone

Everyone from the CEO to the newest intern should be treated with respect. Every team member should feel that they are a valuable cog in the big wheel.

Encourage Empathy

Employers can promote diversity by mastering the art of empathy. Before reaching any snap judgments, workforce members are encouraged to first put themselves in the position of the individuals they are judging.

In general, companies who hire a wide variety of people from different backgrounds are better at communication, collaboration, innovation, and create a happier and healthier work environment for their employees.